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Iced Tea - Berry Blast - Four 1 quart bags

Iced Tea - Berry Blast - Four 1 quart bags

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A delicious herbal blend of fruits and berries sure to please the entire family - kids love it and it is both sugar and caffeine free.  Premeasured portions for ease of use.  Simply place 32 oz (1 qt) of water per bag in a pitcher and steep overnight in the refrigerator.  Awake to find a perfect iced tea.   For quicker preparation, steep in hot water  (5 mins @ 212°F) and add ice .

Each bag makes 32 ounces (1 qt)

 This tea contains No Caffeine 

Ingredients:  Rose Hips, Hibiscus, Cranberries, Natural Forest Berry Flavor & Blueberries


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