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Mulling Spice Kit - 1.5 oz net wt

Mulling Spice Kit - 1.5 oz net wt

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A Fall and Winter favorite, mulled beverages are a joy on cold evenings or for a festive holiday gathering.  Mulling has been around for centuries and is the practice of fusing various spices and fruits in with cider, wines and brandy. The ingredients used are referred to as mulling spices.

There are several methods to mull your spices with your favorite beverage, some prefer to place all of the mulling spices into a cloth bag and place directly into the cider or wine as it simmers on the stove. 

The Mulling Spice Kit includes: 1.5 oz of Mulling Spices; drawstring spice bag; and recipe card.


Ingredients:  SALT FREE - Hand blended from cinnamon chips, orange peel, allspice, cloves and star anise.

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